Great resources

Just a short note to bring to your attention some excellent resources:

  1. The Johns Hopkins University web site not only hosts one of the key data sets for COVID-19, but also a series of articles explaining different aspects of the pandemic.
  2. The Our World in Data website again not only hosts one of the “definite” data sets of the pandemic but also has an excellent front end showing very nicely presented graphs.
  3. A new website covers topics like The Great Barrington Declaration and similar claims.
  4. Another blog post, from The BMJ (formerly the British Medical Journal), responding to many conspiratory views about COVID-19.

Enjoy reading!

Speaking on Newzroom Afrika

I have been asked to speak on the South African TV, Newzroom Afrika, this evening. You can watch the programme on:

The title is not my words, but I agree that control of the virus is a global thing.

I find such occasions quite nerve-wracking. The questions are polite but probing. I do not know how many people are watching, but there might be quite a few with such prime time TV programmes. This means responsibility for the words I use. I do honestly hope that I managed to provide encouragement.

Radio and TV

I was interviewed this morning on BBC Radio 5 again – the third appearance since I was asked to comment on coronavirus in June. This was my 7th appearance in the media An interesting experience as always – maybe because of a very early start (6am!), I was feeling quite nervous and did not answer questions as well as I would have liked to. Anyway, if anybody wants to listen to it, it is at about 6:05 on 9th January 2021:

I am also on Polsat, one of the Polish commercial TV channels, today at 7.25pm (Polish time). Apparently, it is the most-watched television channel in Poland, and at their prime time (Saturday evening), so this sounds even scarier than Radio 5.