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Update on Covid cases in week 12

The UKHSA releases their respiratory infections report on Thursday afternoon, and I always try to analyse these and put the graphs here as soon as possible. The report covers the data up to the end of last week, so they are not completely up to date.

Daily data for England are also released once a week on Thursday afternoon and are more up-to-date. Scotland still releases data daily.

The latest update from yesterday shows the cases peaking in England and continuing to grow in Scotland. The drop in England is, of course, welcome, but I am somewhat sceptical about its lasting impact.

However, even in Scotland, there seems to be some evidence of slowing down – the case numbers in the 0-14, 20-24 and 75-84 age groups decline and are not massively growing in other groups.

We need to remember that these are reported cases, and Covid testing is being scaled down even further. More on it in another post.