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New PhD opportunity!

An exciting interdisciplinary PhD opportunity as part of NorthWestBio initiative. You will be part of a modelling team at the University of Strathclyde, working with OneHealth economists at the University of Glasgow, and a world-leading potato research group at the James Hutton Institute.

A Few Bad Potatoes: Modelling Economic Aspects of Disease Control in Seed Potatoes

Come and help fighting off diseases that affect potato growing industry in Scotland – and worldwide – and learn about bioeconomics and modelling as well as biology. Get a certification as a potato inspector – and get your wellies out!

The project would fit graduates in Mathematics, Statistics or Physics who want to learn about economics and biology; Economics students interested in applying their skills to biology and agronomics; as well as Biology students who are interested in modelling.

Any questions, please contact me at a.kleczkowski@strath.ac.uk

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