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COVID, flu, RSV – week 46 update

As the UKHSA data are out today, here is a quick update.

TL&DR: The main respiratory diseases (Covid, flu, RSV) are a bit quiet at the moment. It might be that this trend will continue, but more likely, they will pick up again as more wintery weather arrives.


The numbers are still going down, although the decline is slowing down.

A more detailed analysis shows that in some age categories (children and 75+), we are already getting increases. It remains to be seen whether it is a harbinger of a larger winter wave or a wiggle.

Seasonal influenza

Not much change, really – the numbers are still high compared to pre-pandemic years for this time of the season. But, the number of cases and positivity seem to slow down a bit.


Hospitalisation continues its downward trend – is it just a blip, or will it keep going down? The 0-4 year olds positivity – which I added to both plots – is still very high; the worrying trend is a rapid increase in the 5-14 positivity (not shown here).