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Working with science journalists

I have not been writing on this blog for quite a few weeks now. Two reasons: Firstly, there is a bit of a lull in the pandemic at the moment. The numbers in most European countries went down remarkably during Spring 2022.

Although the numbers are creeping up in many places, there is a feeling that this is actually not something new – and not something very important.

Secondly, as our attention is shifting away from COVID-19, other areas are becoming a focus of research – and blogging. As a result, I have found myself crazily busy with research (and administration).

A successful trip to India working on water hyacinth and plant pests and diseases has now been followed by a visit to Poland, working on bark beetle infestation of spruce forests.

In the meantime, very pleasant news from Helen McArdle, @HMcArdleHT. One of her (brilliant) @heraldscotland articles has just been shortlisted for the Association of British Science Writers @absw award:

The judges say:

Helen McArdle, Variant has made herd immunity through vaccination ‘mathematically impossible’ in Scotland, Herald on Sunday

Judges Quote: This excellent piece makes the maths of the pandemic easy to digest. It is reported in detail and concerns a subject of great public interest and importance, highlighting the serious challenge face in seeking to attain ‘herd immunity’.


and the piece is here.

Over the last two years, I have worked with several brilliant journalists and editors. I am very pleased that my humble contribution helped Helen in getting to the final of these awards.