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Personal encounter with COVID-19: days 7-13

The last 6-7 days have been remarkably similar. Tests done on days 8, 9 and 11 were all positive. Until, this morning when I finally tested negative!

Apart from that, there has been only slow progress. With each day passing, I have been feeling stronger, but the cough is still a problem. I have had a couple of Zoom calls for work earlier this week, but speaking for longer than 5-10 minutes brings in a sore throat and uncontrolled coughing.

The weather has been fabulous (for Scotland) so I went for some walks, but was noticeably short of breath and quickly tiring. My airflow volume was lower than normal for most of the time; today is almost back to normal.

Treatment: Apart from the “usual” multivitamin, Omega-3 and Q10 supplements, still taking increased Vitamin C doses (as C-Ester). Drinking herbal infusions (a mix of herbs, including raspberry, lime, elderberry, mallow, yarrow, coltsfoot, sunflower and plantain) twice a day, with lemon and honey. I also did a couple of inhalations using essential oils.

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