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Personal encounter with COVID-19: days 0-4

After 2 years of successfully avoiding COVID-19, I finally got it. Here is a personal diary of the events:

A bit of background

I have been vaccinated three times (December 2020, April 2021, January 2022), but I am also on immunosuppressing medical treatment. I usually use a high-quality mask (Airinum, KN95 certified).

DayS before day 0

I am not sure about the path by which I got infected. It could have been a primary infection as I went to England for a reunion at the weekend and there were little if any indications of COVID-19 precautions there, and a lot of evidence of cases around.

Or, it could have been a secondary infection, as other members of the family got the virus earlier that week.

Because I had visitors at work, I did LFD tests on Monday, Tuesday and Wednesday evening – all results were negative.

We have been trying to save on LFD tests (we still have some “free” ones, but they are no longer available), so I did not test on Thursday and Friday.

Day 0

On Saturday, while I was looking after three ill people at home and making preparations for Easter, I started feeling unwell. Sore throat, stomach upset and increasing pain in joints all pointed to COVID.

Still, I did some last-minute shopping in the morning (I know, I should have been more careful – but I was masked all the time).

And, an LFD test on Saturday evening was very clearly positive.

Day 1 (Sunday)

I was still not feeling very bad and others in the family were worse, so I did not go to bed that day. The symptoms got worse throughout the day and included headache and a very sore throat (particularly in the morning), running nose, body aches and fever – very much like a bad flu case.

Treatment: In addition to “usual” multivitamins (including 300% daily recommended dose of D3) and Q10 and Omega 3 supplements, an increased dose of Vitamin C (2000mg daily). Inhalators: both reliever and preventer.

Day 2 (Monday)

I could not stay out of bed anymore. The running nose got worse and I was feeling very weak. My joints ached and my skin was “prickly”. The SPO2 was lower than usual, but still OK (>95%) but my airflow rate dropped to a “yellow” status (I check it regularly for my asthma).

Fever up to 38C. Noticed that my hearing got worse, as I could not hear the thermometer beeps anymore. Hope this is Covid-related and temporary.

Treatment: As above. Trying to keep warm and drink a lot.

Day 3 (Tuesday)

Still having flu-like syndromes, very sore throat, cough, head, joint and skin aches. Running nose got a bit better. Feeling really weak and so staying in bed most of the day.

There is a saying that you are having the “real” flu if you would not go out of bed to pick up a £50 note. I am not sure whether measuring the severity of flu in GBP is very scientific, but mine was probably at around £30 (i.e. pretty bad, but could have been worse).

SPO2 and airflow as above; fever between 37.4 and 37.8C.

Treatment: As above.

Day 4 (Wednesday)

Got up with a very sore throat, but overall felt much stronger. Less cough and pain in joints. Instead of staying in bed, caught up on e-mails and did a bit of work. But my voice is still very rough.

Fever back to normal 26.7C. SPO2 now around 99-100% and airflow slightly up.

Treatment: As above. And I really should have rested more today.

Hopefully to be continued, taking one day at a time…

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