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Covid-19, SARS-CoV-2, coronavirus vaccination in Ukraine – country shape, ampoules, syringe – 3D illustration

If a war breaks out in Ukraine, is Europe prepared for a wave of migration? What would the epidemiological consequences be for the unfolding “fifth wave” of Omicron?

The Omicron wave in the East and Central European countries has been late in coming as compared to countries like Great Britain, Denmark or Germany. Both Poland and Ukraine are now starting the rapid increase in cases:

Daily confirmed COVID-19 cases in Poland and Ukraine.

The biggest concern in the region is that the vaccination levels are low compared to countries more to the west. Only 35% of the population received two doses in Ukraine, compared to 58% in Poland and 70% in the UK.

Ukraine is still to start its booster campaign; Poland has so far managed to “triple vaccinate” 25% (the UK is at 53%):

Any war or war-like situation in Ukraine would be a tragedy. Such events in the middle of a huge epidemic could turn it into a catastrophe.

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