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Living with the virus

Glasgow / Scotland – June 9 2020: Duke Of Wellington Statue In Glasgow Wearing Black Lives Matter Cone And PPE Protective Mask Amid Black Lives Matter Protest And Coronavirus Pandemic

There is quite a lot of discussion in the news now about “how to live with the virus”. Just have seen Nicola Sturgeon on the front pages of some newspapers with the message of “Scotland will have to make ‘adaptions to pre-pandemic life’ to live with coronavirus”.

I disagree with Mrs Sturgeon on many things, but this seems to me to be a very sensible approach.

This reminds me of what I wrote in December 2020:

“In time, travel will hopefully become more straightforward, though airlines might start requiring vaccination certificates. Although some countries require vaccination against yellow fever for entry, requiring immunity passports for COVID-19 is likely to prove contentious.

Mask wearing might become a social habit globally as it is now in Asia – for example when somebody is not feeling well or is concerned for their health. (…)

The social and economic effects of the pandemic will probably be long-lasting too. Perhaps life will never return to what it was before. But it is up to us to make it safer by being better prepared for future pandemics.”