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COVID-19: One year on

“History doesn’t repeat itself, but it often rhymes.”

Mark Twain

I wrote these words in December 2020.

Vaccines for COVID-19 are now being rolled out, but in some parts of the world, this good news has been tempered by the emergence of new, potentially more infectious strains of the virus. Exactly how the pandemic will evolve has become more uncertain. (…)

Certainly, the next three or so months will be challenging, and a virus-free life is probably some way off. Some things may not return to how they were before.

Coronavirus: how the pandemic could play out in 2021 (theconversation.com)

I did not predict a rise of delta or omicron (the article was written in the middle of the alpha pandemic). Having read it again, I do not think there is anything there that was wrong; in fact, I was probably too optimistic.

I finished the article with the following sentences which – I think – are still valid:

The social and economic effects of the pandemic will probably be long-lasting too. Perhaps life will never return to what it was before. But it is up to us to make it safer by being better prepared for future pandemics.

Coronavirus: how the pandemic could play out in 2021 (theconversation.com)

As the New Year Day is approaching, I wish you all the best for 2022 – stay safe!