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Update and some (hopefully interesting) links

Apologies for being silent on this blog for several days. Firstly, there seem to be so many things to write about that it is hard to make a choice. I will try to pick up the threads soon.

Secondly, I have been busy writing popular science articles elsewhere. In one of them, we say:

(…) we should also be concerned about whether or not we will be living with the virus for a long time. Will we be able to eradicate COVID-19, as we did with Sars? Or will we need to learn to live with it like we do with the common cold?

You can read the full article on The Conversation; it is co-authored by Rowland Kao from the University of Edinburgh.

I have also written a popular article on epidemiological modelling for a weekly Polish magazine, PAUZA, published by the Polish Academy of Learning. If you read Polish, you will be able to access it next week as it goes through the publishing procedure.